7 ways to supercharge your content marketing strategy

Using content marketing for effective social media management is crucial for every business that wants to earn points based on what they share, promote and advertise.

For efficient social media marketing, using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Tumblr besides several others effectively is important.

All social media platforms have their own benefits and limitations. For instance, while Facebook is great to advertise your business and website to personal friends on your profile and comment in detail on pages, Twitter is great for advertising using to the point 140-word tweets.

Similarly, while LinkedIn provides you with online resumes that are much more authentic as compared to other social platforms, it does not provide a consistent platform for digital marketing products using Groups and Communities.

The rules and norms on all social media platforms are stringent in their own way. If you share too much on too many groups on LinkedIn in a day, the next day you will be restricted. Likewise, if you send direct messages to unknown people, chances are they will ban you for 30 days to begin with.

Twitter is also good at deleting social accounts of members who post too many links or short links which may be inappropriate.

Despite the setbacks, social media sites remain a great place to advertise your business and products. Especially when it comes to content marketing strategy, you can supersede all your competitors with these 7 excellent tactics:

  1. Post Videos that are meaningful and appealing to all:

Besides websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo et al, even Facebook and Twitter allow Video embeds. Videos are the best source of marketing on social media as they open up the possibility of talking to people directly. Informational videos, explanation videos and advertisement videos work best depending on where you advertise them. If your FB page for instance, is on a product, all categories of videos work very well. Similarly, writing articles and posting short videos on platforms such as Instagram work very well too.

  1. Share content to groups and communities persistently:

Facebook allows posting to groups, around 500 at a time. Likewise, LinkedIn allows up to 5 shares a day without creating a problem. Google+ has several communities that discuss the latest topics from across the world. Join these groups and communities and use them effectively. Consistently marketing on these platforms adds great value to your advertising strategy and makes your content marketing quite efficient.

  1. Use images and image sharing methods to spread the message:

Images are the best way to share your message. Colorful and useful, images can be used to put your ideas across in a much more effective way as compared to saying it In black and white. Likewise, using images in blogs and adjusting alt tags also adds to website SEO and helps you build social credibility.

  1. Write content blogs and video blogs that matter:

While blogging is a well-recognized practice for promoting social content, writing video blogs also known as vlogs is extremely popular. By using blogs effectively and writing content that is original and new, businesses and social media managers can easily rank themselves higher in the eyes of readers and common audience.

  1. Use Email marketing alongside other social media methods:

Email marketing has been quite popular since past 10-12 years due to the sheer volume it offers in terms of advertising. Several email marketing platforms that are free and convenient, for e.g., Mailchimp, allow business owners and social media managers to receive sign ups as well as send emails to at least 2000 subscribers free of cost.

  1. Post Infographics on your website:

Information Graphics are images that talk about processes and procedures concerning a particular subject. For instance, if you are a Company selling Cakes, sharing an infographic on ‘how to bake a cake at home’ may be quite an effective way to impress readers as well as promote your website and business.

  1. Optimize web content for effective SEO:

Your website is the best source for content marketing. As a social media manager, even if you promote your content to a 1000 websites a month, if the website content is not optimized for receiving back the links, your entire content marketing strategy goes waste. So one of the best ways to content market your business is to optimize your website content and use the correct keywords for effective SEO.


On the whole, devising an effective content marketing strategy involves balancing three things: What you write, how you present and how useful your ideas are to others. While images, videos and blogs are just mediums to express your ideas, the power of expressing effectively comes from what you write and what kind of keywords you use.

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