10 things you need to know about Facebook Advertising

Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook is quite easy as it just means you need to share your business idea and advertisements to your profile and to your friends.

However, every FB profile comes with a limitation. You cannot add more than 5000 friends on one account. So this means if you want millions of people to see your ad, you ought to have multiple profiles.

Again, is that feasible? Facebook just like any other platform, though not too strict, does tend to run authenticity checks in between and if a fake profile is found, they do ban you from Facebook.

Likewise, if we talk of advertising for free on Facebook pages and Groups, sure enough, our social media advertisements get much more exposure.

However, Facebook is flooded with fake profiles and unrelated likes and followers in every group and page. This means, we would be wasting our precious business time and money in advertising our products at the wrong place.

So what is the solution?

Paid Facebook advertising, undoubtedly. The paid feature is really cool and easy to use and everybody from a common FB user to a social media marketing professional can use it effectively.

Here are 10 things you must know about Facebook Advertising

  1. They charge your credit card based on impressions and clicks

Facebook does not charge a fixed amount for advertising on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Instead, they charge you based on no. of impressions and clicks you received for a particular advertisement. They allow you to purchase budgets based on your country currency and if it is a lifetime budget you have chosen, you can use this money as long as your clicks and impressions get exhausted. If you use daily budgets, then there is a necessity for you to exhaust your advertising quota within 24 hours.

  1. They offer multiple advertising options

FB ads can be targeted for website clicks, post promotions such as post likes and shares, page likes, Facebook app clicks and opens and so on. The different Facebook ad types can be selected after you choose the image or video for promotions and you can select a budget for it for targeting.

  1. You can target your post advertisement or page advertisement based on several factors

Factors such as location of users, age groups, usage of the platform and ethnicity can be used to target your advertisements and this is indeed very useful. For example, if you are running a real estate business in Washington, USA, you can customize and adjust your ad to show only to people in that area, who may be genuinely interested in the niche.

  1. The bid amount you choose is already suggested by their expert algorithm

If you are a newcomer and not a social media expert, you can simply start using their platform and their algorithm will guide you on the best bid value for the day. There are social media experts who have methods to determine particular bids based on analyses they do, but that is only for advanced business usage. For common people, Facebook advertising is self-explanatory once you login to your account.

  1. They have fair usage policy, rules and regulations

Not all advertisements are approved by Facebook. They have rules for everything including adjusting image sizes, no. of words to be used for text ads and so on. One must fully read their rules and regulations before starting with advertising their website or business on FB.

  1. They allow video advertising

This is a great feature because through videos it is much more beneficial to spread the word about your business and products. Videos of specific lengths can also be adjusted for meta keywords and titles and can be appropriately targeted. Several businesses use this feature effectively and make hundreds of sales via FB every day.

  1. They do not allow inappropriate content to be posted

One must be careful of posting spam or fake messages on FB. At times, some ads get approved by mistake but when FB realizes this, they ban the account holder forever from creating another account. Therefore, business owners and social media professionals must be careful of not posting inappropriate content at any point in time.

  1. They offer support and assistance

Facebook Support team is quite helpful if you are facing issues with advertising something or getting approvals. Especially if the problem is complex, writing to their Support team helps. For simple issues, they recommend you to read their FAQs and 90% of the times, answers are found in this section.

  1. FB ad call to action feature is the most treasured

FB ads allow call to action such as clicking website, opening the app, filling up forms and even signing up to websites and apps. Social media professionals across the world treasure this feature and use it extensively to provide value to client businesses.

  1. Users can sell their app using FB ads

If you are an Android developer who just happened to invent something useful for people, using FB paid ads is the best way to expose your product to the world. As they allow call to action and also allow location targeting, apps become popular quickly if they are really useful and specific to user requirements.

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